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Japan - 7-15 November 2008

Japan - 7-15 November 2008

Often considered as difficult and very expensive a lot of people give Japan a miss. A shame, as it is a beautiful country with friendly people and aircraft photography options that are second to none. Throw in some rare and colorfully painted aircraft and it becomes obvious why Japan should be high on anyone's list.

Come and visit the country of the rising sun:

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St Maarten & St Barths - May 2008

St Maarten (SXM) and St Barths (SBH) - May 2008

Blue skies, sandy beaches, tropical waters combined with sunshine all day long and a fresh breeze is a good vacationspot. Put in some aircraft flying low over the beach and a bar right at the end of that beach and you've found paradise. A quick visit to both islands was very satisfactory and yielded some amazing results.

See paradise for yourself:

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Quito - 2008

Quito Mariscal Sucre (UIO) - May 2008

Situated high in the Andes at 9,000ft Quito is one of the highest major airports in the world. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and this shows in aviation as well. Plenty of old 727's, 737's and Fokker 28's operate from this airport. Add to this a magnificent scenery and it becomes clear why Quito is a 'must visit'!

Find out what Quito has to offer:

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Oslo - 2008

Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) - February 2008

Being home to Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo Gardermoen is the main hub for Norway. Dominated by 737s the airport is not the most diverse airport but the scenery is unbeatable. Especially in winter with snow on the ground the light can be amazing.

Check out the lastest from Norway:

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